Review: Rating RAVPower’s wireless iPhone charger lineup

ravpower wireless charger

Where there’s a 1 inch Extended In the bottom of the charger is LED light which reveals what the charger is performing. There is Greenlight and a Red. The Red light that is solid means that the charger is in standby mode and then it turns away. The Red blinking means that there’s something on the charger.

ravpower wirelesscharger

Then there is the Greenlight with blinking Green mild Meaning that the charger is charging, then a Solid Green light means your smartphone is fully charged and the charger will turn off after 15 seconds.


The only problem with this charger that is wireless is That the charger’s stand section is very slim and there’s no room to move your smartphone during charging.




Structure and Substance:


Build quality is what you can expect from ravpower wireless charger That and products are that this charger includes a strong build quality. The bottom part where your smartphone moves is a rubberized pad, but it has a good amount of support in which the stand part is, although most of the charger is constructed of plastic. At the bottom of the charger is that the charger does not slide around 24, where there is a rubber pad.




The charger will not get hot during charging, and it gets the If you’re charging a Samsung smartphone because that is when the charger is outputting the quickest charging rate warmest. Nothing serious though as heat production throughout wireless is normal.




This RAVPower Fast wireless charger is one of the best Wireless chargers available on the market because it caters to charge Qi-compatible iPhones and both the Samsung smartphones in heir max wireless. It can also bill all Non-Samsung smartphones at their max wireless charging speed of 5V/1.0A, but if that is what you’ve, it’s better to just get a standard wireless charger.






Wireless charging power is at its best since it Provides charging rates for many devices.




It’s the lights indicate what and a vertical layout The charger is currently performing. Room to maneuver your smartphone around, but you can place your smartphone either vertically or horizontally due to its use of two charging coils.




Quality is on the Standard that we all know RAVPower for Which means it is not likely to crack readily.




Has Quick Wireless Also the X / along with compatible smartphones iPhone 8.


Specs with 7.5 W of this RAVPower Quick Wireless Charging Stand Charging for iPhone X / / iPhone 8:




Fast Wireless Charging for iPhone X and also the 8:


Fast Wireless Charging for Samsung Qi Compatible


Wireless Charging for many Qi Compatible tablets: 5V/1.0A




Input Quick Charge Wall Charger


Weight: 5.9 Ounces




RAVPower has made a strong product with this charger Quick Wireless charging rack of theirs. It is fantastic for those that have compatible Samsung tablets or iPhone or the iPhone X 8 since they could charge in their maximum wireless charging rates. At precisely the exact same time, if you have got another brand of a Qi-compatible Android smartphone it’s best to look for an alternate.

Charger for iPhone X, 8 & 8 Plus with HyperAir Technology, 10W Qi for Galaxy S8, S7 & Notice 8 and All Qi-Enabled Devices


Charger for iPhone X, 8 & 8 Plus with HyperAir Technology, 10W Qi to get Galaxy S8, S7 & Note 8 and All Qi-Enabled Devices